Our purpose

Heirloom Catering Co. Nourishing People & Planet

Heirloom Catering Co. is not just another food service, it’s a testament to the perfect blend of community spirit, culinary expertise, and ecological consciousness. Rooted in the principles of sustainability, every dish is crafted not only to tantalise the taste buds but also to minimise the environmental footprint.

Sustainable Ingredients

Heirloom sources its ingredients locally, cutting down on transport emissions and ensuring that the food is fresh, nutritious, and supports local farmers. Our commitment extends to using only seasonal produce, which means the menu evolves and harmonies with the natural cycles of the Earth.

Eco-friendly Operations

Beyond the food, the company is mindful of its operations. All packaging is either compostable or reusable, reducing landfill waste. Moreover, they harness energy-efficient appliances and methods in their cooking processes, conserving energy and reducing carbon emissions.


Heirloom is deeply woven into the fabric of the community. By hiring locally and offering training, we uplift and empower community members. We also give back by contributing a portion of our profits to local environmental and social initiatives.

Waste Reduction

In the world of catering, food waste is often an unfortunate byproduct. Heirloom tackles this with a robust food management system, ensuring leftovers find their way to community food banks and composting organic waste to enrich local soils.

In a nutshell, Heirloom Catering Co. is a beacon for a brighter, more sustainable future. Through our dedication to quality, sustainability, and community enrichment, we promote the concept that food is more than just sustenance, it’s a medium to bring positive change to the world.